SARINA LIROSI ‘Chiaro Scuro’ May 5 – 26 2018

Chiaro Scuro

The artist Alberto Giacometti said “The more I work, the more I see things differently; that is, everything gains in grandeur every day, becomes more and more unknown, more and more beautiful. The closer I come, the grander it is, the more remote it is.”

J. Lord, Giacometti: A Biography, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY, 1997.

Nature can be extraordinarily beautiful and terrifying at the same time.  In many instances, it can be alluring; yet its capriciousness can also make us apprehensive, anxious, and feel rather insignificant. In this brute physical world, where death is an ever-present possibility, I am strangely comforted by the knowledge that we are all just a collection of subatomic particles and that our experiences are created by a series of chemical reactions. This work is part of an ongoing exploration of nature and our dichotomous relationship with it.


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