Artwork for Hotels

Artwork for Hotels in Melbourne

At West End Art Space, we understand how important it is to have eye-catching artwork in hotels. We have a team of art consultants who are committed to helping Melbourne hotels find the right art pieces for their establishment. We can identify and review various locations throughout the hotel where artwork can potentially be placed, such as guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, games rooms and more.

As Melbourne art consultants with many years of experience in sourcing artwork for hotels, we know what a big role art can play in creating the right atmosphere and reinforcing a hotel’s brand. You can rely on us to supply art that will wow guests and set every room apart. We can even work with artists to create bespoke arts that align with your hotel’s interior spaces.

A Tailored Approach

We know that every project we work on has its own unique requirements, with no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we speak with our hotel clients to understand the types of art they’re interested in and what style of artwork will be suitable. We then supply paintings or sculptures that are aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for each space.

Adherence to Safety Regulations

West End Art Space can supply artwork for hotels that have strict safety regulations that must be followed. Our artworks can enhance a room’s visual appearance without preventing access to fire escape exits or otherwise impeding on the safety of guests or staff.

How Art Can Benefit Your Hotel

Improve Interior Spaces

Hotels that don’t have any artwork can look generic and dull, which could result in a bad impression on their guests or clients that use their function rooms. West End Art Space can supply visually captivating artwork for hotels across Melbourne that want to enhance their visual appeal. We can recommend specific artworks that can be placed in different rooms to create visual interest while complementing any pre-existing furnishings.

Impress Guests

Placing different types of artwork around guest rooms, lobbies and common areas can make these spaces more interesting and inviting for guests. By adding artwork that gives a space some extra colour and texture, hotels can provide guests with an unforgettable experience that will leave a great impression that lasts until long after their stay has come to an end.

Convey a Positive Brand Image

Having good artwork at your hotel will not only make a good impression with your guests, but also reflect and reinforce your brand and identity. West End Art Space supplies artwork for hotels that are conscious about how guests may perceive their establishment through its visual settings. We can recommend pieces of art that align with the room they’ll be placed in while aligning with the atmosphere and values of the hotel.

Stand Out from Competitors

Good artwork has the power to set a hotel apart from competing hotel chains. There are many hotels that potential guests can choose to stay at, and one factor that can make them choose one over another is how nice it looks. Decorating your hotel can make a great impression on guests and prompt them to make a booking at your establishment rather than at a competing hotel.

Contact Us Today

West End Art Space can supply any type of artwork for hotels that want to enhance their establishment’s visual appeal. Get in touch with our hotel art consultants today by calling 0415 243 917 or contact us online for more information. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the best art pieces for your hotel.


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