Anna Prifti

Anna Prifti is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates techniques from the traditional Eastern school. She uses ancient materials such as powder pigments, shellac, gold leaf, and encaustic in painterly gestures to create fine decorative and textured artworks.

At the core of Anna Prifti’s work lies the pursuit of interconnection and personal growth. Drawing inspiration from her experience in Byzantine iconography and mural restoration, her exhibition skillfully merges traditional and contemporary mediums and techniques. She re-contextualizes different historical eras within the art form’s enduring legacy through her experimentation of textures and tonal density. The material and pictorial symbolism in her pieces establishes traditional links, serving as conduits of knowledge and immersing viewers into a multi-sensory experience of contemplation and discovery. ‘The Offering’ delves into the notion of human creation as a means of protecting and grounding enigmatic wisdom during a time of technological advancements.



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