Sue Rosalind Vesely

Sue Rosalind Vesely

My figures describe the landscape of the picture plane.

Their bodies map out distances via the pose.

Their relative positions create energetic external spaces, a landscape of ethereal external space: space in the atmosphere pressing against the curvature of the earth.

The body of each figure is a landscape in itself. 

I dive into these lands, inventing as I go into them features and contrasts, inventing the interplay of colour and form.

I work from a visual memory of anatomy and an aesthetic of abstract colour play. 

The figures are landscapes within a landscape that has been formed by the perspective of their bodies: worlds within a world.

I listen absentmindedly to the spoken word, a distracting narrative which allows my subconscious mind to control the invention and flow of creative decisions.

As I work entirely from memory and imagination, the naturalistic look of objects and figures is a generic version of the world.

It is rounded down by the filter of memory.  We all store and refer to our memory of appearances. It is a shared language that connects us at a level far deeper than words.


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