Art for Interior Styling in Melbourne

West End Art Space is a leading supplier of boutique artwork for interior designers in Melbourne who need to source interior artwork for office buildings and other spaces. Our staff can provide curatorial and advisory consulting services to interior designers and architects and recommend suitable artworks made by both Australian and international artists, helping to upgrade any space.

Unparalleled Knowledge & Experience

With many years of experience in the contemporary art sector, we have fostered relationships with talented interior designers and take great pride in helping them streamline the art procurement process. By working alongside our team, you can easily acquire any quantity and type of interior artwork for office spaces and other properties to enhance their appearance and vibe.

Corporate Art Expertise

Any interior designers that are sourcing art for corporate interior styling must keep in mind how a piece of art can influence the look and feel of the space. West End Art Space has expertise in corporate art and can recommend artwork for interior designers in Melbourne searching for the perfect corporate options.

The Benefits of Interior Artwork for Office Spaces

Improve Interior Design

Artwork plays an important role when it comes to interior design, as it can add a sense of depth and personality to any room. A space that lacks artwork can feel cold and unwelcoming, and this isn’t an impression any business wants to make. The right art can blend in seamlessly with any other furnishings and materials in the space while also complementing them, helping to improve how the space looks. Getting this right can result in a great impression on anyone that enters the premises, giving them a positive opinion of the organisation.

Impress Clients

Installing art for interior styling can impress any clients that attend meetings at an office. It can also help them to feel welcome and relaxed and therefore more open to doing business. Having artwork as a focal point can create a welcoming look and feel in any room and elicit positive emotional responses from visitors.

Promote Company Culture

Interior artwork for office spaces can help make a workplace look nicer while also promoting a positive company culture among employees. The right artwork can facilitate team bonding and personal connection-making, as employees will talk to each other about the art, promoting more social interaction. Employees can also develop a sense of pride in where they work, resulting in a pleasant work environment.

Increase Employee Productivity

Employees that have aesthetically appealing artwork to look at in the workplace will not only feel happier, but can also be more productive. There’s a direct link between having great artwork in the workplace and an increase in staff productivity compared to workplaces that have no artwork. Art can help create a sense of harmony, balance and order that employees can subconsciously benefit from.

Reduces Employee Stress

Workplaces can be stressful environments at times, and staff may become cognitively exhausted and temperamental after prolonged periods of work. Staff members that work in environments decorated with engaging artworks usually feel less stressed in relation to their work, helping to restore their mental energy and create a more collaborative and enjoyable workplace.

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West End Art Space can supply exquisite artwork for interior designers in Melbourne who are looking to transform the appearance and feel of any space. Feel free to give our consultants a call on 0415 243 917 or contact us online for more information on our available artwork options for home and business interior design.


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