About West End Art Space and Anna Prifti

About Our Gallery | May 9, 2023

“I believe that all artists have a vision to leave something behind. The very function or existence of art is to inspire and to leave a legacy. That’s why I think my work as an art restorer cannot be separated from my work as a gallery owner and contemporary artist.” ...

Rose Moxham-Surfacing on the White Bay

Painting | May 3, 2023

Artist Rose Moxham hails from Moreton Bay, South East Queensland. Her practice consists of highly textured oil and beeswax paintings. The mangrove with the mudflat surround and inspire the artist. The various changes of light and appearance in the landscape influence the artist's reaction and approa...

West End Art Space ‘FIVE’ Exhibition Profile

Photography | Jun 23, 2022

"As far as galleries go, West Melbourne’s West End Art Space, which celebrated its fifth birthday in May, is just in its infancy." Check out the hyperlocal article celebrating the gallery's 5th birthday! Click the link here for the full article. ...

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