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‘Metamorphosis’ by Cezary Stulgis

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About Us

West End Art Space was established in 2017 to exhibit a broad spectrum of Australian and International art, in the gallery and online. Its vision fits that of an independent commercial art gallery and community space, where all people can freely enjoy and experience art. Gallery Founder and Director Anna Prifti has built a stable that represents the work of both emerging and established artists, with a definite focus on all collectible living artists, with a demonstrated exhibition history.

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Explore our curated selection of artworks from our stable, both local and international talents. With over 25 represented artists and as a platform for emerging creatives, explore our stockroom to find your perfect piece.

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Our Services

Full-Year Exhibition Program

We showcase and support living artists throughout the year in our gallery space to allow you to fully experience the art and interact with our artists. Visit our ‘Exhibitions’ page and join our mailing list. We also create off-site events and participate in Art Fairs.

Original Art Commissions

Our strong relationships with our artists enable us the potential for original art commissions. We take pride and believe in our artists to offer you the highest quality and value art, to create an everlasting experience and connection. We work closely with our artists to create an artwork of your desired size and colour, to fit your space.

Art Leasing

Alternatively to purchasing, West End Art Space provides an art leasing service in Melbourne. Art leasing is a flexible and economical system that allows clients to enjoy fine art and original art pieces. West End Gallery provides flexible rental arrangements that run through a six or a twelve-month duration with an option to extend indefinitely. With monthly lease payments ,this alternative lease system qualifies as a deductible expense for businesses.

Interior Designers + Architects

Are you a designer or architect working on a specific project? Get in touch with us, we’d love to share the love and see your project to fruition.

Art Advisory

Contact us for art advisory help in Melbourne, and our experienced staff can help guide you in your decision. We provide this service to enhance and improve your interiors or exteriors at home or your office and further your art collection. We provide collection and curatorial advice, climate and sound control, plus storage and archival advice. Contact us and we’ll provide the first visit to you, free of charge.

Welcome to West End Art Space – A Respected Commercial Art Gallery in Melbourne

West End Art Space was established in 2017 to exhibit a broad spectrum of Australian and International artists. Based in Melbourne, our vision centres around creating community while being established as an independent commercial art gallery in Melbourne where all art lovers can freely enjoy and experience art. Gallery Founder and Director Anna Prifti has built a stable of artists that represents both early career and established artists, and is focused on allowing the work of living artists to flourish.


Contact Us Today

As a respected commercial art gallery in Melbourne, West End Art Space can assist you with all your art related enquires. Please call us today 0415243917 or contact us online to enquire about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clientele includes fine art collectors, interior decorators, businesses and art lovers. We sell and lease beautiful artworks to clients based in Melbourne and beyond.

Yes, we can. West End Art Space is well aware of the needs of corporate enterprises when it comes to art, and as such, we offer a wide range of quality artwork for sale in Melbourne that businesses can proudly display on their premises.

West End Art Space sells paintings, sculptures, photography and abstract art in Melbourne, as well as other types of artworks our clients might be interested in purchasing.

Collectible art refers to an artwork’s desirability. Factors such as artwork condition, provenance, backstory, authenticity and the popularity of the artist all come into play.

Most artworks will gain value over time, making them great investments in the long term.

Artwork can give any space a sense of depth and make it feel alive. West End Art Space has an extensive selection of artwork for sale in Melbourne that can help complete any space.

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