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Variations on Armida’s theme by Giordano Biondi

Marking Time by Jacklyn Peters


Artworks on Paper

Mixed Media



Public Art



Monique Lacey – Backbone


Magda Cebokli – Ring #3


Jacklyn Peters – Composition in Blue


Veronica Caven Aldous – Vertical Space


Wendy Kelly – Silver Current (sold)


Carol Batchelor – Definite Possibilities 05 (Diptych)


Our Services

Full-Year Exhibition Program

We showcase and support living artists throughout the year in our gallery space to allow you to fully experience the art and interact with our artists. Visit our ‘Exhibitions’ page and join our mailing list. We also create off-site events and participate in Art Fairs.

Original Art Commissions

Find original and collectable artworks by local and international artists with a proven exhibition history and credentials. We take pride and believe in our artists to offer you the highest quality and value art, to create an everlasting experience and connection. We work closely with our artists to create the artwork of your desired size and colour, to fit your space.

Art Leasing

Art leasing is a flexible and economical system that allows clients to enjoy fine art and original art pieces. West End Art Space provides flexible rental arrangements that run through a six or twelve-month duration with an option to extend indefinitely. With monthly lease payments based on 4% of the retail value of the artwork, this alternative lease system qualifies as a deductible expense for businesses.

Interior Designers + Architects

Are you a designer or architect working on a specific project? Get in touch with us, we’d love to share the love and see your project to fruition.

Art Advisory

We provide this service to enhance and improve your interiors or exteriors at home or your office and further your art collection. We provide collection and curatorial advice, climate and sound control, plus storage and archival advice. Contact us and we’ll provide the first visit to you, free of charge.


With a career of over 30 years in the arts, Anna can guide and support you with restoration and conservation issues.


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