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Oliver Ashworth - Martin


Fiona Halse is represented by West End Art Space 

Giordano Is a Melbourne-based Italian-Australian visual artist. He studied Visual Arts and Theatre at IUAV University in Venice, and has a Masters in Art in Public Space at RMIT. He started his art practice in a group exhibition in Venice and has from there on participated in solo and group exhibitions, in art spaces and galleries in Australia and abroad. He took part in artist residencies in Turkey, Germany and China, and has curated group shows in Melbourne, Venice, Perugia and Milan. His art practice is based on reflection upon architectural and landscape elements that define and distort perception on individual and collective uses of public space. Giordano works with the tensions between fictional and real environments, with special interest in the “veils” or filters that blur the nature of our experience or imagined landscapes.

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CALL FOR ENTRIES Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition


Yarra Valley Arts / Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards 2018

Entries Close 6 July


The Yering Station Art Gallery is committed to exhibiting the work of both established and emerging Australian artists, while the annual Yarra Valley Arts/Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition & Awards, which runs from late October through to early December, has a long history of showcasing an outstanding cross section of contemporary Australian sculptural practice.

All commissions from sales associated with Yering Station’s Arts Program are donated to LARCH: The Leukaemia Auxiliary of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Entry Forms

2018 Yarra Valley Arts Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards Introduction (pdf)


2018 Yarra Valley Arts Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards Conditions of Entry (pdf)


2018 Yarra Valley Arts Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards Entry Form (pdf)


Elly Louise Tyquin is our Artist in Residence between January - February 2018. Her practice investigates and reinterpret society’s understanding of death and grief.  A collection of objects and voices are exhibited together to form a union of eerie beauty. Tyquin aims to create a safe space where people can have a shared human experience of loss, through video, photography and sound. 

April 25 – May 12 / Gallery ONE / Elly-Louise TYQUIN / The Unfurling of Grief

Solo Exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery: 9–25 February 2018

Elly is a part of Melbourne's 'Raw Artists' on the 15th of Feb. For more information, visit: http://rawartists.org/ellylouise

Yering Station Art Gallery

Current Exhibition in the Main Gallery 10 January – 25 February


"Exploring Kerrie Warren’s ‘Australian Panorama’ is like taking an extended walk through nature, as there is a point at which superficial preoccupations fall away, a point at which tranquillity descends, a point at which the unfolding landscapes begin to communicate with us directly, and a point at which we know that the experience has quietly come to an end, at least for now. For some viewers however an inherent tension continues. As much as these works may allude to the external world, they nonetheless effect a movement in the opposite direction, drawing viewers into dynamic interior landscapes. The experience is immersive, although one is not immersed from without, but from within.

This sensation of immersion is enhanced by the two immense panoramas that give the exhibition its name and flank the eastern and western walls of the gallery: The First Hit and Up for Rural Review would perhaps all too forcefully dominate the exhibition were it not for Warren’s skilled manipulation of depth, texture and colour. Instead of feeling dominated, viewers feel invited to share in the surging, exploding, arcing, and often radiantly colourful life-forces expressive of the true and often unseen energy of the land. It is as easy to become lost in the intense vitality and marked lyricism of movement as it is to participate in the vast unfolding vision they represent. The viewer dances with the raw dynamism of the land or rests to observe the fireworks that these lyrical canvasses set off.

Like Ian Fairweather and Jackson Pollock, Warren paints standing up and looking down upon the artwork from above. Unencumbered by specifics of location, time and dimension, evocative combinations and distillations of impression, sensation, memory and reflection are synthesised in a process within which spontaneity, intuition, power, balance, extravagance and restraint all play a part. While working within the abstract expressionist tradition, whimsical figurative interventions lap playfully at the edges of several works, providing a sense of fleeting solidity. Rhythmic and undulating, these artistically charged works evoke a state of lively flux, somehow reassuring in their inconstancy, and at once dynamic and at rest"

Warren was born in Melbourne in 1968. Following on from a transient childhood and family life, she completed a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy in 1999, a Diploma of Art in Ceramics in 2004 and in 2016 she was awarded the degree of Masters of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. She has exhibited regularly since 2004 and currently works out of Pilgrim Creek Studios in Crossover, West Gippsland.


October 2017

Two of our represented artists, Oliver Ashworth-Martin and Cliff Burtt have been awarded prizes in 'Bonanza' the annual exhibition for CSA members at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery


​YSG Members Exhibition

26 October - 12 November 2017

​Opening Celebration - Sat 28 October 3-5 pm

​Gallery Viewing - Thurs to Sun 11-4 pm

Bonanza Promo: Image: Artwork by Cetta Pilati "The Nexus"

Image: Awarded Artwork by Oliver Ashworth-Martin, 'Cycles'

Cliff Burt, "RUIN (after C.D.F.)" 2016. Cor-ten steel. 112 x 67 x 14cm

Contemporary Sculpture Association $500 Cash Prize - Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Yering Sculpture Prize 2018 entry - Cliff Burtt


Anouska Phizacklea - Director of Monash Gallery of Art

Lisa Roet - Artist - www.lisaroet.com/biography