Threshold #2



Elevate your space with this stunning print of Deanne Eccles artwork. Each detail and brushstroke is faithfully reproduced, capturing the essence and beauty of the original masterpiece. Crafted with high-quality materials, this print ensures vivid colors and sharp details that will stand the test of time. Bring the world of art into your life and make a statement with this captivating print, a true conversation piece for any room.

Gallery Notes:

Deanne Eccles’ exhibition of ‘Body Sense Portal’ is a collection of oil paintings created between 2020 and 2023.

As the viewer, Eccles invites you to stand before a painting and absorb its
atmosphere. She encourages you to shift your focus away from your intellect and into your body’s sense perception’. Soften your gaze and take notice of the forms and colours. Observe which part of your body comes to your awareness, whether it is your neck, chest, or elbow etc. Stay curious and avoid the urge to analyse or judge. Allow the interplay of colour, form,
atmosphere, and your body sense perception to create a personal and
immersive experience. There is no right or wrong way to approach this
process, as it enables you to engage in a personal dialogue with abstract art.

Eccles has been exploring ‘Body Sense’ painting techniques for twenty years. She has been inspired by Goethe’s theory of colour and philosophy, ‘…to whom nature begins to unveil her open secrets, feels an irresistible
longing for her worthiest interpreter, art!’

Recently she held a solo exhibition, collaborating with musicians Gelareh Pour and Kaylie Melville. Together, they used the Body Sense technique to compose and perform music inspired by the paintings.

The paintings you are viewing today, were inspired by themes that challenged Eccles personally and are relevant to all of us throughout our lives. These themes include, ‘courage, compassion, freedom, inner balance, and inspiration’.

When creating new works, Eccles focuses her consciousness on her body while holding a theme within her intention. A colour will reveal itself as an urge, and then the form slowly reveals itself within that colour on the canvas.

This slow and immersive technique requires heightened awareness and
concentration. Eccles is passionate about the profound impact art can have on us as sentient beings, beyond just pretty pictures on a wall. By allowing ourselves to shift our observation and experience the work, we can discover more about ourselves and connect with art on a deeper level.

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Dimensions 48 × 48 cm



Pigement on Artboard 350GSM