The Colour of the Matter 22



Victoria Cattoni’s practice includes painting, video art, performance and installation. Prior to returning to Australia in 2017, Cattoni had lived in South East Asia for 18 years, where she had exhibited widely, holding a number of solo shows and participating in several major art events including the 2009 Jakarta Biennale, 2005 Bali Biennale and 2003 Jakarta Video Art Festival. She has collaborated with contemporary artists and local arts communities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and was the recipient of a number of arts grants supporting her creative work during this period, much of which explored ideas around ‘feminine’ identity. This included being awarded a scholarship to conduct research in Indonesia for her MVA from Charles Darwin University. After working in other media for many years, Cattoni returned to canvas painting, marking this with her exhibition in 2015 with ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Singapore. Her approach to painting is an organic one. There is no plan. She sets up the conditions for a process that will allow her to remain acutely receptive to that which presents itself in terms of colour, mark-making, space and form. The result of the creative conversation with Howard has resulted in an expansion of Cattoni’s palette.

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Dimensions 60 × 70 × 5 cm

Oil on linen