Rose Moxham – Swamp



My work is based in nature, specifically the mangrove, living where I do on Moreton Bay with the mudflat literally on my doorstep. It’s a huge subject, my only subject, and there are myriad ways of seeing it, of approaching it. I have chosen to not settle on any one approach (though the one informs the other), partly because it would be untrue to both the mangrove and to how I work, and also because it gives me scope to investigate in many forms not only the physicality and emotional content of the subject, but also that of the materials I use.

The work is abstracted, reductive, the focus is on surface, texture, and the tension between raw, sometimes rough, materials and subtle limited colour and glazes. Each piece is independent, but has a relationship with the other; some are close companions.

Additional information

Dimensions 16.5 × 7.4 × 18.5 cm

Oil on wood