Monique Lacey – Backbone


Sold. Commissions accepted.



In simple words, this is Monique Lacey’s process. Cardboard boxes purchased at local hardware stores offer structural propositions of both volume and surface. The boxes are assembled and covered with plaster and other materials, which act as both binding agents and new surfaces to conceal and/or reveal the structure underneath.

The initial building up of each form is countered by a crushing act that results in the form being either destroyed or substantially reconfigured. The act of crushing is a performative act using the body’s weight and is one that can be playful, aggressive, or cathartic.

These artworks are in high demand for interior design, styling, urban and apartment interiors. Often used in minimalist interiors as decorative art but above all as highly collectible artworks.

This artwork is sold. Monique Lacey accepts commissions. Please get in touch with us.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 14 × 25 cm

Cardboard, plaster, paint, resin.