Making this work has been both liberating and a bit scary. I have always wanted to see the reality of things with a literal interpretation. Now I find that when a painting is too preconceived it becomes boring – there has to be an element of risk taking and new painting challenges. The differences between this body of work and the last are driven by trying to disrupt conventions of representation. 

Working with oil on rough clear primed cotton has allowed me to explore a new dimension.  The canvas is a heavier weave than what I have been used to, and this changes the character of the depiction as well as the painting overall.  The method of priming is different too, presenting an absorbent surface that requires more paint and vigorous brush techniques, whilst allowing softer outlines. All new challenges!  

My aim is to increase a sense of abstraction and so avoid falling into straight forward illustration.

– Cally Lotz

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Dimensions 40 × 56 cm



Oil on canvas