Lev Khesin – Peplum





Peplum draws you in. Reflecting light through an ever-changing blue underwater microcosm. Or a scene from outer space. The chances and ambiguities, which are always part of experimentation and discovery, are part of Lev Khesin’s artistic method. His basic method consists of the application of connected layers of silicone to a support—usually a wooden or metal panel. Every silicone layer covers the surface of the panel like a film. The number of layers in a painting varies from a dozen to a hundred. The artist mixes the transparent silicone with different pigments. Every layer can therefore differ from the next in terms of colour and degree of transparency. As a result, the superimposed layers produce light effects such as shining, reflecting, shimmering, and opalescence. The sensuality of these light-filled, often minimalist painting-objects allows us to experience how strongly our perception is influenced by the conditions of light and the movement of the beholder. Always changing, depending on the time of the day, Peplum leaves an everlasting effect on the viewer.

Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 3 × 44 cm

Silicone & pigments on wood panel