Gradient Cutting



Naomi Nicholls’ and Suzi Raleigh’s work express the dynamic energies of the sublime using colour and abstraction. The process of painting and pouring is of paramount importance, as is respect for the materiality of their medium.

Naomi uses irregular shaped paintings that float on the wall. Each considered brush mark aims to maintain a tension between chaos and calm. The colours clash, geometric shapes contrast with organic forms, transparent and opaque colours oppose each other in layers. The shaped paintings swell into the expanded space on the wall. At the same time, they are flattened sculptures, not growing out indefinitely but holding tight to the wall.

Suzi accepts that the pouring process is unpredictable. She has to surrender the need for a desired outcome and enter a state of flow. Suzi attempts to transport the viewer to an altered state of consciousness, similar to an intoxicated state, by exploring phenomenological consciousness, psychedelia and hallucinogenic associations. Suzi is forced to abandon control and be open to spontaneous happenings.

For both artists, a complex orchestration of elements emerges following intensive processes and contemplation.

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 65 × 2 cm

Acrylic on aluminium composite panel