When Jenny set out to paint these new woks, the country was going through a cycle of flood, fire, storm, flood as if nature were fighting back and laughing at the puny attempts humans make to control its force. She has not however painted bushfires and floods but artworks that represent the psychological impact of these catastrophic events.

A force of nature is a power so big that it is unstoppable. These works come from a place that was unstoppable, resistant to control and deaf to rules. They are the result of responding to the inevitable, the chance of discovery and a large degree of letting go to see what happens.

Jenny generally starts work with an idea of where she wants to go but with an open mind about possible deviations. She loves experimentation but it always comes at a price – risk of failure is enormous but its part of the journey.

There is very little colour in these paintings. In several, her attempts to inject colour seemed garish and inappropriate somehow and they mostly got lost in the storm of paint that drowned them out, leaving a largely monotone palette.

This collection of works shows a diverse range of Jenny’s art practice, simultaneously indicating the way she works. They are produced as a result of the flow of her thought processes which are far-reaching and conscious always of the Force of Nature.

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Dimensions 1.52 × 1.22 cm

Mixed Media on Canvas