Blue City, Red Car



Known as an events, landscape and portrait photographer, Tiffany has a passion for telling stories in images. A finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize, and Koorie Heritage Art Show RMIT Award winner, Tiffany has been a regular on the Melbourne events scene for a number of years. With a portfolio that ranges from classic portraits to abstract macro landscapes; and, from archival documentary to First Nations cultural events, Tiffany’s work is as diverse as her interest in the world around her. A Gunggari woman whose cultural ties lie in south central Queensland, she was raised on Yolngu country up in Arnhem Land, and now calls Naarm home.

Tiffany’s stunning city night photographs portray the evolution of humanity and its industrial splendour, where excess equals success. Large metallic prints mounted on di-bond aluminium pop from the walls inviting you to join the excitement within the metropolis. The more you look, the more you lose yourself in the scene. Portraying a celebration of humanity’s growth, but at what cost? What damage does the shiny city hide with our excess consumption and overflowing waste, and is it as beautiful as we think?

Additional information

Dimensions 92 × 61 cm

Fuji metallic photographic print mounted on dibond aluminium