Amanda Jane Gabori-My Father’s Country



Amanda Gabori was born in 1966. She is from Gununa Mornington Island. Her language is Kayardild. For Mirndiyan Gununa Arts Centre manager John Armstrong, Amanda Gabori’s textured paintings stand out for their sense of joy and longing. The colours she uses are jubilant and commemorative, the thick strokes and dotted colours are vibrant yet underpinned with a sense of trauma at a distance which now divides Gabori from her Bentinck Island ancestors.      

Artist Statement:

“My Country is a very special place, with lots of good and not so good memories. The rocks of my Country are in my paintings and the colours of my Country are there too. Dibirdbibi the River Rock Cod is my Dad’s totem and I paint the scales that cover his body to keep connection with him and to keep the story alive. Up here we have big skies and great colours. My work is really important for myself and about my family.”

Additional information

Dimensions 122 × 122 × 5 cm

Acrylic on Belgian Linen