Of Colour and Light 2018







The Way We See Ourselves - Fringe Festival 2018

Kiata Mason


A finalist in the 2018 Sulman Prize, the Bedroom here continues on the idea of the interiors in Kiata's latest body of works. 

Louisa Chircop


Caterina Leone


Julia Flanagan


Jenny Ahmad


Gemma Avery


Exhibition 4-25 August 2018

Anna Caione


'GESTO' is the latest work by Anna Caione, based on the Martenot method.

Susan Buret&Julie Brooke


'In a Spin' is the continuation of 'Triangulation', a collaborative series of geometric abstraction between the two artists.

Jennie Stewart


'The Shape of the Landscape' is a new series of memory landscapes by Jennie Stewart. 

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Exhibition 7 - 28 July 2018


Rebecca Monaghan


Call and Response present groups of sculptural objects that call and respond to each other through their groups of rhythmic forms and colour character in the same way as antiphonal music structures, of instruments or vocal groups call to each other in an exchange of pitch, volume and timbre. Rebecca's  sculptural arrangements of form and colour converse in complementary and triadic combinations forming a network of playful interactions for our visitors.

Wendy Busch


Disruption to Distraction is concerned with the anxieties surrounding perception of one’s self and place within contemporary society, this suite of paintings presents isolated aspects of the figure in a strange and shiny colour-field of abstract space. The reflective qualities of the enamel and aluminium prompt a transition in focus (the physical aspect of perception) as a metaphor for psychological uncertainty.  By contrasting flat and textural, positive and negative, personal and public, Busch’s subject matter oscillates between serious introspection and the bizarre maelstrom that is the external world.

Naomi Nicholls


Cut it Out  is a series of vinyls and paint that go where they're not meant to be. Naomi's works have escaped the frame and left the canvas, preferring to stretch out across the floor, up the wall, across the ceiling. Her large collaged installations of bright coloured vinyl and paint are applied with sizeable brushes engaging her whole body to drag the brush around. This dance or performance is made up of the impulses to move, the extensions of her limbs and leaves behind the artwork as evidence of the movement that took place.



Intermingling is a series of work that gives us an experience of the artist through the interminglings and deliberate gestures to remain hidden to the intentions of their work. The artist plays with you to accept the works to the reality of the physical objects or to apply your meaning to the works on offer.  Either way, you will choose to see what is physically represented or what is hidden, in both instances requiring the viewer to go beyond the superficial.

April Exhibitions

Exhibition Dates: 7- 28 April 2018

Alicia King, ‘Nature Waits for Nobody’

Miranda Russell, ’Marking Landscapes’

Manfred Krautschneider, ‘Poetry of Colour and Space

Will Dickerson,  ‘Vision Frisson’

18 Dec 2017 - 25 Jan 218

Works on show from our artists, Gabrielle Jones, Kerrie Warren, Arite Kannavos, Aida Frank, Ash Coates, Kari Henriksen,  Donal Molloy-Drum, Michele Donegan, Kiera Hudson, Linda OyHo, Cezary Stulgis, Lorna Crane, Andrea Hughes, Cathy Muhling, Nanou Dupuis, Fiona Halse, Sarah Randall, Oliver Ashworth-Martin,  Monique Lacey, Pamela Rataj 

Open by appointment 

Image Detail: Donal Molloy-Drum, "Fluid" 2017, stainless steel, wood veneer, copper, brass

Exhibitions in May, 2017

Samantha Semmens


'Every Day, the Infinite'

Dr Kari Henriksen


'Conversations with the Sky'

Sculpture Floor


Sculpture by Cliff Burtt, Cezary Stulgis, Jackie Ralph, Helen Braun and Glen Jackson.