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From Paris, with Love

Le Sonneur is a Paris-based artist. His works and installations can be seen in the street and in galleries, in France and abroad. The city is his favourite playground, his creations are more of contemporary art than street art.

All along his urban walks, Le Sonneur sticks some bells at the doors of the unknown, some small red doorbells that bear intimate or unexpected names like 'My Love', 'Her', 'Bunny', or 'My Heroine'. He also slips some anonymous love letters under your doors and into your mailboxes. On the pavements, he abandons some keys to the names of imaginary lovers. Le Sonneur also hijacks the door hangers of the hotels and hangs them at the doors of your apartments or rooms, replacing the usual 'Do not disturb' or 'Make up the room' by calls for help or heartcries like  'Save Me', 'Kiss Me' or 'F*ck Me'. With his video projections in the streets, he reveals on the walls some imaginary doors, some ephemeral passages towards the intimate, which open and close to reveal in fragments the life of unknown. With his drawings in red and black, Le Sonneur slips his indiscreet eye into the keyholes and reveals in a game of Chinese shadows some other lives, some other stolen moments.

More than the city itself, those who live there are the real subject of the work of Le Sonneur. With his installations, his photographs, his videos or his drawings, he questions our urban condition and the place of the individual in the city. Between poetry and irony, romanticism and blackness, he questions our relationships with others. He plays on the doorsteps, these fine limits between the city and the intimate, between each and everyone. His works tell us about alienation and freedom, anonymity and solitude, hope and intimacy. Over time, Le Sonneur tells us about his cities, lived or fantasized, some cities which are populated by strangers and love stories, some cities where each door hides its own stories and secrets. And Le Sonneur reveals these secrets to us, by turning away the banal and the everyday life gesture. With a simple doorbell, a keyhole, with small elements, in a minimal and singular style, he tells us his stories.

Works available at WestEnd Art Space