Represented by West End Art Space

'The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance'. Aristotle – Poetics

My work seeks to convey a feeling of the human body and the self. I often utilise Tachist, affective approaches that can connect to substructures and drawing principles. Forms that I create are architectonic, but informal accidents and textures are often found with scaffolded lines. 

These architectural linear based forms could allude to human skeletal structures or deep resonant feeling. I am interested in open spaces where figurative forms are alluded to but not described and utilises Klee’s Endotopic and Exotopic fluid space. I often use a colour that creates harmony and can build illusionism and depth. I seek to create abstract work that is not just creating form through push and pull tensions on the flat picture plane, but embraces the contrast of ambiguity and structure to create open felt passages.

Abstraction provides me with direct forms that can connect to the primal, subconscious and unconscious. I am interested in how this form can be captured through touch and I often use collage to assemble material with the hand and physically build space. My work is metaphorically associated with the human figure. I am interested in Poiesis and a bringing forth forms that are connected with memory, feeling or percepts. These forms are not images, but feeling assembled and space is translated through the materials. Structures, rhythms and tensions emerge when the construction of the work is linked with Praxis and affective understanding of drawing principles. 

I am interested in how Poiesis and metaphoric form can be activated through Praxis - this to me captures the visceral.

Solo Show in Sydney

Fiona Halse: Solo Exhibition 
19 July - 28 July 2018
Factory 49, Sydney, Australia