Variations on Armida’s Theme by GIORDANO BIONDI

APRIL 1 – 24, 2021

Giordano Biondi continues his peculiar exploration of architecture within imaginary cities. His latest works are given the role of conjured objects, invocations and spells… A house smaller than the human scale is inhabited by something boundless, its mystery expressed by the minute dwelling that expresses it. A magical phrase does not disperse but finds containment and definition in its potion, castle, or island.

Accompanying the sculptures, are free-standing sculptural forms of fabric and bedsheets, that contain nothing and are nothing but themselves, a sculpture of folds, crevices, and protruding elements that hold themselves up, an installation that creates ambiguity around the idea of Container/Contained.
A collection of spectral forms arises in the empty space of the room, wrapping the non-existent and surrounding the hidden existence of what dwells in the tiny houses.
Giordano Biondi is a Melbourne-based Italian-Australian visual artist. He attended Visual Arts and Theatre at IUAV University in Venice and obtained a Masters in Art in Public Space at RMIT in Melbourne.

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