SUE VESELY ‘Lighthouse’ Nov 2 – Dec 7 2020

I do not use models or paint from life. I have a 3D model in my
head which I can turn in all directions. I make my images from my
imagination and my memory of the appearance of things.

This process develops a language from the unconscious mind that
is generic and relates to everyone’s subconscious. It is a rounded
up sum of how things look. I want the viewer to feel that he has
seen the image before, or had that experience in a dream.

I think of a space and how it feels to be in it, construct a pose to
show how it feels. Figures and architecture come and go, the
space changes and the figures move.

I select a perspective that includes the viewer in the image,
sometimes the viewer is the protagonist. I may use more than
one perspective. The drawing aims to be readable in more than
one orientation.

At the start of an image I am chasing something I can almost see,
and I accept all changes in order to pick the perfect path through
all the choices and decisions that present themselves. Every
choice excludes a thousand possibilities, so I use a loose narrative
on which to base my decisions. The narrative will suggest a title,
but it does not apply to the viewer. The image is whatever the
viewer sees.


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