Aqueous Blooms by Jacquelyn Stephens

May 18 – June 8 2024
Main Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday 23 May, 6 – 8pm
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Jacquelyn’s paintings explore a sublime of the small and celebrate the life forces and light energies inherent in all things microscopic, sub-atomic and, especially, aquatic. Having grown up on the coast at Flinders and spending endless summers snorkelling around the local beaches, she is also deeply inspired by the life-giving waters of the sea and what inhabits them. What is happening on the inside of a crashing wave on a micro and macro level? She creates underwater fields of mysterious minuscule glowing creatures occupying ambiguous lit spaces. Jacquelyn also references the blurred light or ‘bokeh’ of photography, dark-light of microscopic imagery, and all the image making documentary world of seeing life’s glow. She alludes to sea creatures, nudibranchs, anemones, seaweeds, bioluminescent organisms and minuscule cell life as all these universes inspire and inform the content and pictorial spaces in her paintings.

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