GIORDANO BIONDI ‘Meridians’ Dec 6 – 26 2019

Giordano Biondi’s ‘Meridians’ are imaginary cities that inhabit an eternal midday hour. Noon is the time when the sun flattens the world through the absence of shadows cast by objects. The viewer looks at these cities from above, the gaze equivalent to the direction of a sun that shrinks away from the shadow of buildings and renders them utopian and ideal, abstract entities without memory. The plazas, streets and courtyards collect the wandering eye and project it along these urban atlases.

Giordano’s  drawings seek to depict an ideal cityscape as a narrative that invites  the gaze to linger in everyone of its components.  The whole picture  is then an archive into which the gaze consults and finds solace. This fictional city is intended as a dream catcher for the eye, a portal of an invisible land.

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