‘Equilibrium’ group show July 2 – 27 2020

Elly-Louise Tyquin
Rhianna Chillingworth
Brigit Heller
Zakiria Tahirian

Vlona Mehmedi

While grappling with the notion of adversity, artists immerse into long repetitive practices that in turn become forms of therapy.
For centuries we have used perpetual practices as a way to wash away our past traumas, the practice itself reaching the point of a ritual. Equilibrium focuses on tangible experiences that aid the overall human experience of four artists, each using a different medium. It is an exhibition focused on the process of making rather than the end destination.

Elly-Louise Tyquin creates fibre installations to explore the process of making as a form of catharsis to cope with emotional states. Tyquin has recently completed a Masters of Arts Management at RMIT and has held solo exhibitions at Trocadero Art Space and Brunswick Street Gallery.

Rhianna Chillingworth reveals rhythmic tension by unpacking line, repetition and structure through her exploration of contemporary weaving, jewellery and ceramics. She has exhibited across Melbourne and regionally; Lindberg Gallery, Louis Joel Gallery, CourtHouse Youth Arts, Portarlington Mill and the Wyndham Art Gallery.

Multi-disciplinary artist, Zakiria Tahirian, is a story teller. He narrates the stories that make up a person’s identity through the lens of his labour intensive practice. It involves crafting his own materials and tools to narrate his story of Migrating to Australia and the challenges he faces. Tahirian is constantly involved in facilitating workshops within his community (Greater Dandenong) and exhibiting at the Walker Street Gallery.

Lecturer and artist, Brigit Heller, predominately uses wire to create ethereal sculptures and installations. They delicately camouflage within Melbourne’s natural landscapes and have been included in the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, the McClelland Survey Award and the Deakin University Contemporary Small sculpture Award. Heller has won several awards and prizes, and her work can be seen in public places around Victoria as well as in private collections in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.


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