MONIQUE LACEY ‘Crush and Blow’

“The skin of an object is what defines it. Its weight and mass are contingent on its skin”. Anish Kapoor If a painting is a bounded volume how can the skin or surface of that painting either reveal or disguise its structure and what it contains. While there is an adherence to the truth of materials, the materials are used to construct a level of artifice in the work. I make the work through a process of construction and deconstruction. There is a direct relationship between the making of the work and bodily action. The act of crushing that takes place when making the work is a performative act using the weight of my body, and is one that can be playful, aggressive or cathartic. There is an ongoing investigation with the work to see if it is possible to achieve a certain baroqueness of the surface based on ascetics or austere values.

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