Biennial of Colour and Light: 2024

Biennial of Colour and Light 

October 5 – November 2  2024
Whole Gallery
Opening Reception: Saturday 5 October 2 – 4 pm

The Biennial of Colour and Light returns in 2024 for its fifth edition, curated by West End Art Space Gallery Founder Anna Prifti. This biennial continues its mission to provide a prominent platform for women abstract artists from the state of Victoria, a tradition that began in 2016. The initiative aims to showcase and advocate for the significant contributions of women artists to the Abstract movement.

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of artworks, highlighting the talents of women artists at various stages of their careers, from emerging to established and well-recognized figures in the art world. Visitors can expect to see a multitude of contemporary art practices, unified by a common exploration of colour and light.

Abstraction will be showcased in a variety of styles – from lyrical and expressive to intuitive, hard-edged, reductive, and minimalist. Each piece will contribute to an ongoing conversation on the interplay of colour and light, demonstrating the depth and versatility of abstract art.

Join us at the Biennial of Colour and Light, 2024, to celebrate the creativity and innovation of Victoria’s women abstract artists in this landmark event at West End Art Space.

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