Affordable Art Fair Sep 2019

Established in 2016, the contemporary gallery West End Art Space showcased an array of works for the Melbourne Art Fair, selected by our Director, Anna Prifti. These works had an emphasis on sculpture and large abstract paintings. The gallery keeps the local art scene on its toes with an ever-changing exhibition programme, supporting both Australian and International artists. Expect to see works by Cezary Stulgis, Monique Lacey, Donal Molloy-Drum, Adrian Corke and Fran O’Neill.

Anna aims to help nurture the art practices of the artists the gallery supports, providing impressive gallery space, marketing and sales, while letting them focus on what they do best; creating beautiful contemporary artworks. Galleries are an integral part of the art ecosystem, connecting art-lovers with their artists work – and it’s usually because the gallerists are passionate art lovers and artists themselves!

Featured artist, Cezary Stulgis, video at the Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, 2019:

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