Opening Saturday 3 March, 2-4 pm,

Guest Speaker Bruce Esplin AM.

Exhibition Dates: 2 - 24 March

We cordially invite you to meet and share a glass with four artists.

In 'RETROSPECTIVE'   BRIDGET NICHOLSON brings together an interactive installation of her exploratory work of many years, where Bridget delves into the human as part of the whole collective. Her interest in using organic materials and craft based processes, help create a space of exchange, where the senses are enlisted in a layered experience to uncover stories that speak of emotional and visceral experiences of land and place. The process is centred on engaging with people and places and finding ways of collecting and transforming material into installations that connect us all. With an extensive art practice that merges craft and ethnography, Bridget's show Retrospective promises to delight us all.


Project Space 1. 


In her latest body of work, through black and white photography, Judy evokes longing memories of times past. Through her lenses, Judy invites us to imagine colours, textures and place the characters in our own mind's time and place.


Project Space 2.


Much of this work was realised during a 3 month residency in Leipzig, Germany. 'Transform' shows the viewer the process, where the linen is left bare to reveal the beginning of the painting. 'Based on the allegory of the fox and the goose, trying to outsmart each other...In a utopian world, the roles are reversed. All characters let go of fear and embrace love'.  Janice Gobey is a finalist in the Wyndham Art Prize 2018.


Project Space 3.


This new series of oil paintings bring drama and a sense of uncertainty to the still life genre. The background is left vacant on purpose to give no clues to place, intensifying the feeling of unease. Currently studying MFA at RMIT, Cally will be present at the opening.

18 Dec 2017 - 25 Jan 218

Works on show from our artists, Gabrielle Jones, Kerrie Warren, Arite Kannavos, Aida Frank, Ash Coates, Kari Henriksen,  Donal Molloy-Drum, Michele Donegan, Kiera Hudson, Linda OyHo, Cezary Stulgis, Lorna Crane, Andrea Hughes, Cathy Muhling, Nanou Dupuis, Fiona Halse, Sarah Randall, Oliver Ashworth-Martin,  Monique Lacey, Pamela Rataj 

Open by appointment 

Image Detail: Donal Molloy-Drum, "Fluid" 2017, stainless steel, wood veneer, copper, brass

Exhibitions in September 2017


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Exhibiting in August 2017

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Oliver Ashworth-Martin Catalogue (pdf)


Fae Ballingall Catalogue (pdf)


Exhibitions in May, 2017

Samantha Semmens

'Every Day, the Infinite'

Dr Kari Henriksen

'Conversations with the Sky'

Sculpture Floor

Sculpture by Cliff Burtt, Cezary Stulgis, Jackie Ralph, Helen Braun and Glen Jackson.