Opening Saturday April 7, 2-4 pm,


Dr Alicia King - ‘Nature Waits for Nobody'

WestEnd Art Space is proud to present Alicia King 'Nature Waits for Nobody', a selection of new neon and sculptural works exploring ideas of technological utopia within the context of pop culture.

Amongst this context, new works will traverse biological metamorphosis and alchemical transformation, premised by a contemporary global engagement with new technology that places us eternally on the brink of the ‘future’. This idea preoccupies King's ongoing practice, exploring the transformative potential of biological matter in humans and the wider environment.

Manfred Krautschneider - 'Poetry of Colour and Space'  Project Space 1

The high degree of transparency in modern pigments facilitates Manfred's new experiments in painting with oils. In the 'Open' series they involve alternative methods of spatial inference. The works may appear to be a deconstruction of space, begun flat and built transparent, with open layers of colour until a space is suggested. With a long successful exhibiting history, Manfred has been a finalist in many prestigious Art Awards. 

Will Dickerson 'Vision Frission'  - Project Space 2

These paintings reflect the opposing forces we interact with on a daily basis: the desire to make sure everything is perfect and the impulse to let loose and create chaos; the calm and the anxiety of modern life; the straight stark lines of rules to follow and the swirls and whorls of individual, unrepressed expression. 

Expressing these dichotomies and presenting them through the personal, yet simultaneously universal, the medium of abstract art is the driving force behind Will's paintings.

Art, in the current world climate of political, environmental and social upheaval, is both a soothing balm and an electric jolt to the nervous system. Will's works are an expression of both.

Miranda Russell 'Marking Landscapes'  - Project Space 3

‘Marking Landscapes’ is an exhibition showcasing the beginning of Miranda's journey into landscape painting, as an emerging, abstract artist. Intuitive and gestural, her paintings are inspired by the Australian landscape. Miranda works constantly and methodically, and her paintings are fast gaining interest and following.

April Exhibitions

Opening: Sat, 7 April, 2-4pm

Exhibition Dates: 7- 28 April 2018

Alicia King, ‘Nature Waits for Nobody’

Miranda Russell, ’Marking Landscapes’

Manfred Krautschneider, ‘Poetry of Colour and Space

Will Dickerson,  ‘Vision Frisson’

18 Dec 2017 - 25 Jan 218

Works on show from our artists, Gabrielle Jones, Kerrie Warren, Arite Kannavos, Aida Frank, Ash Coates, Kari Henriksen,  Donal Molloy-Drum, Michele Donegan, Kiera Hudson, Linda OyHo, Cezary Stulgis, Lorna Crane, Andrea Hughes, Cathy Muhling, Nanou Dupuis, Fiona Halse, Sarah Randall, Oliver Ashworth-Martin,  Monique Lacey, Pamela Rataj 

Open by appointment 

Image Detail: Donal Molloy-Drum, "Fluid" 2017, stainless steel, wood veneer, copper, brass

Exhibitions in September 2017


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Exhibiting in August 2017

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Exhibitions in May, 2017

Samantha Semmens

'Every Day, the Infinite'

Dr Kari Henriksen

'Conversations with the Sky'

Sculpture Floor

Sculpture by Cliff Burtt, Cezary Stulgis, Jackie Ralph, Helen Braun and Glen Jackson.