Rose Moxham-Surfacing on the White Bay

May 3, 2023

Artist Rose Moxham hails from Moreton Bay, South East Queensland. Her practice consists of highly textured oil and beeswax paintings. The mangrove with the mudflat surround and inspire the artist. The various changes of light and appearance in the landscape influence the artist’s reaction and approach towards these reductive artworks.

Moxham says about her work,

“My subject is the mangrove, living where I do on Moreton Bay with the mudflat literally on my doorstep. It’s a huge subject, my only subject, and there are infinite ways of seeing it, which is why my work appears at times ‘inconsistent’ in style and form. There are so many ways of approach, of reducing that scape. I cannot settle on one approach, as it would be untrue to both the mangrove and how I work, which is also a constant layering and scraping back, each type of work informing the other. These reductive pieces are one approach.”

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