Jenny Reddin

Jenny Reddin defines herself as a contemporary poured paint artist, producing abstract works that rely heavily on chance, accident and the surrender of control. Whilst her work is the result of experimentation with materials, methods and process, she has perfected the chemistry involved in achieving an outcome that satisfies her search for “a beautiful surface”.

Jenny’s works allow the viewer to draw their own interpretation, to create their own relationship with the work. She achieves a delicate transience in the work that suggests fragility of life. They are often reminiscent of aerial landscapes and of nature magnified to reveal structure and life force that glows as if lit from within. They bear witness to the dance that she performs to deliver the pigment to the support as they shift across the carefully prepared surface to stain it or to settle in mirror perfect pools of colour.

Jenny exhibits regularly in Australia and has successfully exhibited and is held in collections in the US, Japan and Hong Kong.