Judy Hudson

span style=”font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif;”>Judy Hudson is an award winning, photographic artist based in Melbourne. She has had her work published in local and international publications and exhibits her work throughout Melbourne, Australia and Internationally.

Driven by a lifelong  interest in the arts, Judy Hudson is best known for her classical black and white, fine art imagery. Her work is a collection of images driven by inner thoughts, memories, the human condition and our connection to nature.  

In Judy’s words,

My works are often an expression of a thought, an emotion, a moment in time or a reaction to memory. I seek to portray a romantic melancholy, an other worldliness, quiet, insular moments of solitude, privacy and melancholy. Perfectly captured in the words of the admired fashion photographer, Sarah Moon. For me, black and white is closer to introspection, to memories, to loneliness and loss. With an interest in portraying reflections of life through a feminine lens  – it is a moment to calm the mind and escape to find inner peace.”

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Judy Hudson

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