Dónal Molloy-Drum

“The vast space of the Wimmera region has been pivotal to the direction my work has taken over the years. The sharpness of light, shadow and silhouette has drawn me to the small detail and simple shapes that stand out reflecting the still and empty spaces of this landscape.

My work has always been concerned with, traditional sculptural aspects of form, volume and balance. Living in this environment these traditional aspects have become even more prevalent as my work has become more refined and focused on line and shape. By selecting found sources – such as a knot in a tree, a stone, a shadow, a shed window or doorway – I have been developing ideas by pushing these familiar objects into new organic shapes with an existence and life of their own. Introducing microscopic images of plant cells to my source book, I found a similarity between these shapes and structures to the small detail within the landscape, creating a thread of progression in my practice. Fabricating stainless steel with layers of plywood veneer, found wood and shaped plaster, my focus has been on letting these simple shapes command the space they find themselves in. With an attention to light and shadow the empty spaces created by the works take on a presence of their own and invite the viewer to seek out this space. As with the delicate balance of nature these cell like shapes, their structure and the materials used reflect both strength and vulnerability, beauty and fragility. The surface of the work and markings made reflecting the scars of time on the geographical and human landscape”.

Website – http://www.molloy-drum.com/


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