Carol Batchelor

Carol Batchelor was born in Northern Tasmania in 1969 and relocated from Hobart to Melbourne in 1998. Carol studied at RMIT University in Melbourne where she completed a Batchelor of Fine Art with Distinction in 2004, a Masters of Fine Art in 2006 and a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration in 2014. From her Thornbury studio, Carol has successfully combined her Art Practice with Interior Design including production of design to order Wallpapers.


My paintings are remnants of conversations – conversations between my thoughts and my senses using the language of paint. Each painting is a visceral remnant that preserves the memory of the conversation with it’s own identity, it’s own character, it’s own beauty, it’s own personality.

Without my painting – without the companionship of the conversation – I feel alone and vulnerable. When I am engrossed in the conversation I feel free from the suffocating constraint of reason where I exist in a space without time as the ultimate antidote; harnessing my emotions in the union of my thoughts and my senses.

Every conversation helps me reveal more about myself and unmask more of the truth of what it is that would be concealed in a world without art. Each conversation is unexpected where my emotions are not just contained and channeled but positive, energized and synchronised with the task at hand. The hallmark of this experience is a feeling of spontaneous bliss, even rapture.


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