Abstract Art

Small & Large Abstract Art in Melbourne

West End Art Space is a Melbourne art gallery where customers can find and purchase both small and large abstract art pieces at affordable prices. Our team of art experts use their extensive knowledge of abstract art to recommend which of our artworks for sale would best suit your home or place of business.

Eye-Catching Artwork

West End Art Space has an extensive range of small and large abstract art for sale. Every piece of abstract art we have available is unique, featuring a variety of colours, tones and patterns that will appeal to customers with different tastes.

A Large Network

Our collection of small and large abstract art has been brought together under the guidance of our director, Anna Prifti. Our gallery has a large network that includes some of the best abstract artists in the world, allowing us to source fantastic abstract artworks that can complement any interior space.

Popular Types of Abstract Art

Expressive Abstraction

Expressive abstraction involves artists using their intuition and moving their body in a way that creates expressive splattered or dripped brushstrokes, resulting in abstract paintings that convey a sense of spontaneity and life. This type of artwork often has a mix of colours and textures that blend well together to create a uniform piece of work.

Geometric Abstraction

Geometric abstraction pieces are characterised by the artist using geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and arranging them in a structured manner. This type of work conveys a sense of order, harmony, depth and balance.


Cubism contains fragmented and overlapping shapes and objects to convey a sense of multiple perspectives in the composition instead of providing a realistic representation. The result is a sense of movement and depth in the composition that’s unique and eye-catching.


Minimalism is a type of abstract art that contains simple colours, shapes and lines without containing any unnecessary elements. This expresses a sense of order and clarity that can elicit a powerful emotional response from viewers.

Reasons to Consider Abstract Artwork

Emotionally Impactful

As abstract art is not a traditional type of art style that contains realistic objects, it can bring viewers on a unique emotional journey rather than merely telling a story. There is no intended message with abstract art, allowing viewers to place their own meaning on it.

Conversation Piece

Any small or large abstract art piece can create a strong focal point with its spectacular colours, intricate details and passionate brushstrokes. These artworks can capture the attention of visitors and start conversations about its visual beauty and meaning.

Creates Ambiance

Any small or large abstract art piece placed inside a living room, lobby or any other location can influence the atmosphere of the room. The shapes, colours, textures and lines of the piece can interact with the features of the room and give it an additional sense of personality.

Enhances Any Room

A large abstract art placed in a living room, foyer, office, hotel room or other location can create a sense of depth that helps to make the room larger and more spacious than it is. This factor, along with its visual appeal, can make the room itself more impressive for visitors and clients.

Discover Our Abstract Artworks Today

If you’re interested in acquiring any small or large abstract art for your home or workplace, West End Art Space can help. Call us today on 0415 243 917 or contact us online to enquire about our available artworks and get recommendations tailored to your space.


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